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We were getting some drain smell in the bathroom prior to installation of the Drain Mate. I am very happy with the results and would say that since installing the Drain Mate about two weeks ago we have not noticed the drain smell. Money well spent. I will definitely recommend your product.
— David T

"Bought 2 Drain Mates last Sunday at the Renovate & Build Expo. What a fantastic invention. Should be mandatory in these types of drains. Took me less than two minutes to install and good value for money."


"We live in a 1940s double brick house with no easy access to its plumbing and the shower does not have an S-bend. My wife had been researching methods to remedy our smelly bathroom problem when she stumbled upon the Drain Mate website. Installation was a 30 second job and there have been no more old-water smells from the shower. Drain Mate is a great idea, superbly executed."

-Trev and Catherine

Very prompt service and we have now ordered a second drain mate for the other shower, very efficient product and we will definitely recommend.


Fantastic product – has finally solved our long-standing sewage odour issue!


Received my Drain Mate and installed it in around a minute.The smell from the drain stopped immediately (no more Draino). I will be ordering another unit for our other bathroom.

-Kevin D

My wife always commented on the smelly odour emitted from the drain. Installed the Drain Mate, she is very happy no odour. Thank you, brilliant, functional, cost effective product.

-John, North Queensland

Drain Mate is great! I have an old house and the drains don't have the U or S shape pipe that keeps the smell out, the house also suffers from tree roots blocking the drain so that sometimes the sewerage water comes back up the drain due to the root blockage. Drain Mate has different fittings and fits all my drains, I bought 5 of them and they all fit. Drain Mate has stopped the water coming back up, stop the smells and keep insects from crawling out of the drain too.

-Marcus, NSW

Fantastic product!  Does exactly as stated, is so simple to install and works instantly – my spare bathroom stink went straight away!  And another bonus is no more unsightly stagnant watery dark hole in the floor under the grate!  It just looks great.

- Ann, QLD

I received my drain mate this morning and installed it straight away – and immediately noticed the smell in our bathroom was gone. Thank you so much, I wish I had found your product 5 years ago!

-Gillian, ACT

We had strange odours coming from our downstairs bathroom and a drain plate that keep corroding! Rather than call Ghost Busters, we found Drain Mate, and our bathroom is perfect again


My four DrainMates have been in place for a month now and I am very pleased with them. There has been no smell from any of the drains, including the one which was by far the worst. I think that they are a very clever design.

-Ian, NSW 

I like the product. Simple but effective.


The Drain Mate was easy to install and works well.


Congrats on a simple but great product, and made in Australia! Between myself and friends the last six Drain Mates have been put to good use and I now need another two.


Received Drain Mate very fast. An easy to install, well made product that seems to be doing a good job. No more discernible odours from bathroom drain. 

-John, QLD

Thank you for sending this fabulous little device for our shower recess "out the back". For years we have put up with a sewer smell from this area and did not know if it was from the toilet, sink , shower or waste pipe. After sniffing around I found it was from the shower grate which then I found did not have a U pipe so I covered the underneath of the grate with glad wrap. That solved the problem until somebody wanted to shower and had to remove the grate each time. Thinking someone must have designed a system to put down the drain I found your wonderfully simple solution at a reasonable price and have now inserted it and it works like magic. I can’t thank you enough and will recommend the device to anyone who has the same problem.

-Ian, Newport

I recently purchased a Drain Mate & have to say you have a great product. I installed it in less than a minute & it solved my smelly problem. I would recommend it to everyone.
— Ken, NSW

I can honestly say that we have just spent the best $37 we have ever spent on the Drain Mate unit. We have lived with the disgusting smell in our bathroom for the seven years we have lived in this home and have tried everything - pouring warm soapy water down the drain regularly, having the plumber pour black oozy extra strong drain cleaner down it, draino…….everything! And now, for the first time ever there is no smell. We love the Drain Mate and will recommend it to anyone who will listen!
— Debbie, NSW