Drain Mate now used in India

Recently we had contact from India about Drain Mate.  Initially, we were not sure if Drain Mate would retro fit drains in India, however, we sent over a couple of units to be tried out.  The result was that Drain Mate easily fitted the drain and was doing its job immediately. Another great export story of an Australian invented, designed and manufactured product – yes, here in Australia, we still make things!

Check out the video of the installation of Drain Mate in India. 

Drain Mate Commercial Uses

Drain Mate is mostly used in homes, apartments and town houses. However, Drain Mate is suitable for use in commercial premises and has previously been used in food kitchens, motels and office buildings. Drain Mate can also be used in schools and hospitals. In fact anywhere there is a 100 mm floor waste drain. 

Drain Mate Now used in Malaysia!

Recently we had an enquiry from Malaysia. It seems that smells coming from floor waste drains is not just a problem isolated to Australia. Of course Drain Mate was invented and designed in Australia for Australian floor wastes and at first we had no idea whether Drain mate would fit a floor waste in Malaysia. However, the floor waste was 100 mm and with a small modification to the existing floor drain cover to allow our supplied screw to go through, the Drain Mate unit was attached using the supplied medium washer. It was then inserted back into the floor waste and the unique self closing door is now stopping the odours.