Drain Mate Commercial Uses

Drain Mate is mostly used in homes, apartments and town houses – where you live. However, Drain Mate is suitable for use in commercial premises and has previously been used in:

Takeaway food kitchen – the kitchen, used for preparing food, was kept clean however with three 100 mm floor waste drains and what went down them, had a very bad smell coming up out of the drain. Once Drain Mate was installed the smells were eliminated.

Motels – no matter how clean a motel room is kept, you still have the problem of smells coming from the floor waste drain. Drain Mate has been installed in Motels to eliminate smells and keep any nasty pests from coming up the floor drain.

Office Buildings – The bathroom in an office would probably be used more than one at home. It’s unpleasant to have an office bathroom with bad smells coming from the floor drain and any nasty smells. Rather than continually pouring harsh chemicals down the drain and only providing a short term solution, Drain Mate has been used in office bathrooms to eliminate smells and stop any pest from coming out of the floor drain.

Drain Mate can also be used in Schools & Hospitals. In fact anywhere there is a 100 mm floor waste drain.