Will the Drain Mate restrict the draining of water in the basin?

No, Drain Mate has been designed so that upon the commencement of draining from the hand basin that the pressure in the drain is sufficient to slightly open the self closing door in Drain Mate to allow for water to drain from the hand basin normally.

How does Drain Mate work?

Drain Mate is a one way floor drain that fits easily into your existing standard 100mm (4 inches) floor drain. Its unique, self closing trapdoor allows waste to pass through, returning to a hygienic closed position, trapping odours, pests and overflow.

Can I use Drain Mate in a commercial Kitchen?

Yes, provided the floor waste is a 100mm (4 inches) round grate and has the ability to allow our screw to go through the middle to attach to the Drain Mate. We have previously fitted Drain Mate in the commercial kitchens of takeaway restaurants.

Why do I get deterioration of my chrome floor grate?

Ammonia in our water (chlorine) creates a smell and will cause the chrome ware to deteriorate. Drain Mate can help with preventing the deterioration of the chrome on your floor drain cover.

My chrome grate goes black. I clean it and even replace it, but it still goes black. Can Drain Mate help?

Yes. As Drain Mate stops the sewer smell from coming up the floor drain in will aid in the slowdown of the blackening of a chrome floor grate.

Why do I get a sewer smell in my bathroom?

As all your drains are connected, including the drains to the sewer, bad odours can come up from your drains. A drain with a U-bend that has water in it will usually prevent such smells coming up the drain. However, if the bathroom is a second bathroom that does not get used often, the water can dry out and thus the smells come up. Also, it is common for second bathroom, ensuites, bathrooms in apartment and hotels to not have a U-bend. Further, modern houses may not have enough waste gas outlets for the amount of gas being produced. Whatever the reason, Drain Mate will stop the smell.

I get suds back flow up the floor waste in the laundry and bathroom. Will Drain Mate stop the suds overflow?

Yes. Drain Mate will stop any suds overflow.

Why is there no smell out of Shower?

The secondary smells occur above the Main Sewer Trap.

Can Drain Mate be used with Eco & Septic Waste Systems?

Septic is cured by bacteria. An Eco system uses acid and it sludges the matter and thus creates smells. Drain Mate can prevent the smells from entering from your 100 mm floor waste drain.

If I have a trap under the floor, why would I get smells?

These are known as secondary smells and can occur when you have pipe work from the shower, bath, and basin going in above the water trap. Over a period time body fats etc build up and create a secondary smell.