Where can I buy Drain Mate?

Drain Mate is available for purchase from this website or from one of our distributors. Simply click on the “Shop Now” button for options to purchase Drain Mate.

If I purchase Drain Mate from your website, how long before I receive it?

Orders received via our website will be sent the next business day via Australia Post using parcel post bag, with tracking, to your nominated postal address (advised at the time you place your order). The actual time of delivery will depend on your location and Australia Post’s delivery service standards.

What do I receive in my order?

You receive the number of Drain Mate units that you ordered, including (for each unit) 4 washes (that cover 5 different manufactured styles of floor grates) and 2 screws, one of which is chrome "hot stamped". You will only need to use one of the washes and one screw when installing your Drain Mate.