Do I need to clean the Drain Mate?

We recommend that every 6 months or so you remove the Drain Mate from the floor waste and clean out the dust, dirt an any hairs that may have been trapped. Then simply re-attach to the grate and insert back into the floor waste drain.

Do I need to use any cleaners or chemicals with Drain Mate?

No. There is no requirement to use any chemicals or cleaners with Drain Mate. 

After water flows down the floor drain, the Drain Mate self closing door won’t close, why & what can I do?

There are a couple of reasons why the self closing door will not close:

1.     The screw that attaches the unit to the floor grate has been tightened to far.  This can cause the cylindrical Drain Mate unit to go slightly out of shape, which results in the self closing door being stuck open after water has forced it to open.  Remove the unit and loosen the unit slightly, however ensure that the unit is flush against the washer and the washer is still up against the underside of the floor grate.

2.     The floor grate is not level.  It can be the case that the floor grate is not level and consequently if the Drain Mate unit’s self closing door is facing to the lower level, once opened (as a result of water flow), it will stay open.  Turn the unit 180 degrees so that the open side of the Drain Mate unit is facing the higher level.