There are a number of products that you will come across in stores and on the internet that claim to do what our Drain actually does.  Here are some reasons why you should consider our Drain Mate over other products:

  • it retrofits an existing floor waste (there’s no requirement to insert at the time of tiling the floor);

  • eliminates the requirement to use harsh chemicals;

  • it will fit 5 different makes of floor waste grates, that is it fits your existing floor grate;

  • all quality ABS plastic, no perishable material or metal to rust;

  • can be easily removed for cleaning;

  • no requirement to add anything, like water, for it to work;

  • no requirement to make any adjustments to the product when fitting to your existing drain;

  • you can easily install it yourself - no need to use a plumber;

  • meets Australian Standards (watermark certified WMTS 040:2018 (previously ATS 5200. 040:2005) Certificate No. 23117);

  • cost effective - only $27 + p&h